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First a thought, then a sketch. The creative art process begins here. #mesaros12artchallenge

Yesterday I challenged myself to create 12 new pieces of creative work (i.e. fine art, craft, home decor or painted furniture flip) by March 1st, so this is where the journey begins. As a creative, my mind is constantly in motion with new ideas. Today I worked on (what we call in the industry) a “thumbnail” sketch or basically your thoughts on paper. For my first piece I have been thinking about it for a long time, so it was easy to capture it on paper, sometimes one thumbnail leads to another and another and so on. I am thinking mixed media with a mash up of a Valentines and Spring theme. Where will this creative journey end up? Will the final art look like the thumbnail or will the process take a different fork in the road? Follow my blog here or at social links below to come along for this creative adventure or learn more about what I do.

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